Afraaz Irani grew up in the San Francisco bay area following the 49ers on the radio (with Joe Starkey calling the play by play), when Joe Montana and Steve Young ruled the NFL. He remembers when Dallas and the 49ers dominated the NFL landscape in the 90s and the winner of the NFC championship was the almost automatic Super Bowl winner (much to the chagrin of the Buffalo Bills who lost five straight trips to the Super Bowl).

A few classic memories from the 90s include the 49ers winning Super Bowl XXIX against the Chargers. The 49ers lineup included hall of famers Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Deion Sanders, among others. Later in the 90s and 2000s, Terrell Owens would provide plenty of theatrics including his memorable game against Dallas where he stood on the Dallas star after his touchdown, as well as his catch at the end of the 1998 wildcard game against the Green Bay packers

Afraaz’s Saturday’s were spent listening to college football — he grew up a Cal Bear’s fan (mainly because Joe Starkey — who called the legendary “The Play” during the Stanford-Cal big game, was the announcer). He remembers when Cal battled the Washington Huskies for supremacy of the Pac-10. Of course as he became older he learned to appreciate Stanford football, eventually becoming a die hard Stanford football fan. Despite that, Afraaz still has a soft spot for Cal football (except during Big Game).

Ever since he enrolled in Stanford as an undergrad,  Afraaz Irani has become even more of a Stanford football fan. Afraaz remembers attending games in the old Stanford Stadium when the student section was empty. He remembers when students unveiled a banner saying “We believe in Stanford football” during one of the games. However ever since Jim Harbaugh (and now David Shaw) have turned Stanford football around, the student section is packed and Stanford football remains always in contention for a national title.

Afraaz Irani also grew up an Oakland A’s and SF Giants fan. He remembers going to the Oakland Coliseum to watch a couple games growing up and still tries to take in a game or two when he can.

Afraaz  Irani also followed the Warriors growing up in the bay area, although only recently have they become a dominant force in the NBA with the splash brothers (Klay Thompson and Steph Curry) changing the three point game. He always looks forward to an excuse to make it out to Roaracle arena for a game.

Outside of bay area sports, Afraaz enjoys following tennis.