Questions about the 49ers Roster… That aren’t Quarterback-centric

Even with the preseason underway the quarterback question in San Francisco isn’t dying down anytime soon, but there are still other positions that need addressing during the offseason. Since the QB question is taking up the time of most sports bloggers, SB Nation’s David Fucillo decided to explore the issue on his own.

Here are a few of Fucillo’s observations:

There’s a clear divide at Wide Receiver right now between tenured NFL performers and fresh draft talent. Torrey Smith will probably be starting, but for the other wideouts management must make a decision of whether to trust experience (Ellington, Simpson) or hopefully exceptional rookie talent (Rogers).

In 2015, the QB situation was exacerbated by a dysfunctional offensive line. The 49ers made some changes, but there is still a looming question of who will be starting at right tackle—  Erik Pears or Trenton Brown?

Ahmad Brooks is still a talented linebacker. He’s good enough to end up on the 53-man roster, and just got a contract extension. Fucillo doesn’t see a world in which Brooks isn’t succeeded by at least two solid linebackers to step up outside.

Running backs have a notoriously short prime, and even though Carlos Hyde has been dazzling on the field, his style of play is extremely physical. In 2016, seeing his snaps dwindle as he recovers from potential injuries may be a very real possibility. Running back by committee is slowly becoming more commonplace, and in the event of a Hyde loss the 49ers are going to need a few capable halfbacks to carry the load.