The Warriors’ Push for the Record Books

At 72-10, the Bull’s legendary record looks to be in serious jeopardy as the Warriors continue completing their historically good regular season over the next few weeks. Now boasting 69 wins and 8 losses, Golden State is close to possibly usurping the Bulls as the best regular season team of all-time. The warriors have already set many records this season, notably:

Most Three Pointers in a Season (288)

On February 27th, Stephen Curry had officially made 288 three pointers, thereby breaking his own previous record of 286 with a full 24 games to go. Now with 378 three-point shots made with 5 games left, it is hard to believe he could possibly improve upon this record next season.

Most Three Pointers in a Single Game (12)

In that same February game, Curry also tied the record for most three-pointers made in a single game. Steph Curry now joins the likes of Kobe Bryant and the lesser-known Donyell Marshall by making 12 shots from beyond the arc in a single game. One of the twelve was the game-winning shot from 32 feet out, which ultimately propelled the Warriors to a 121-118 overtime victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Best Start in NBA Season (24-0)

The Warriors decimated the previous record for the best NBA start in regular season history. Formerly set at 15-0, but not by the 95-96’ Bulls interestingly enough. The Warriors’ fast start sparked speculation early on in the season that they may turn out to be the best team in the history of NBA basketball.

Most Consecutive Home Games Won (54)

Although spanning the course of both this season and last, the Warriors now also claim the record for most consecutive home games won. From January 31st, 2015 to March 29th, 2016, the Warriors won an astounding 54 consecutive home games, which is only approached by the ‘95-’96 Bulls and this year’s Spurs.

While Golden State may or may not break the Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 record, there is no denying they have had a record-breaking season.